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I’m Jenn.  This is my husband Adi and I with our beautiful little family in Cape Cod last year.  I’m a mom to 2 amazing kids, Julia and Dev.  They keep me very busy.  Every day is an exciting and crazy new adventure! 
We live in New Jersey, South Jersey that is. Big Phillies and Eagles phans, love visiting the nearby Jersey Shore and kayaking in the nearby Pine Barrens.

I’m a cytotechnologist by trade, artist by heart.  I’ve had a love of creating things since I was yay-high.  At one point, I decided to pursue a certificate in Graphic Design at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia and found out I was pregnant with my daughter shortly after.  Maybe I’ll go back again someday.

In 2014, Canary Works began in my dining room with a wedding shower gift sewing machine and the need for a creative outlet.

Adi and I met in college 14 years ago.  Married for 8 incredible years.❤️ Canary Works wouldn’t be where it is without him.  While I’m behind the scenes making pillow covers, Adi rises out of bed at 6am to set-up and sell them at shows.  He’s been my biggest supporter from day one and I consider us a team.

Well, that’s the scoop on us.  If you’re nearby, come visit us at one of our events.  

Jenn and Adi


Who doesn't have pillows?
Canary Work's pillow covers are crafted for standard size throw pillows. We have a variety of prints, including seasonal and children's and custom appliqued pillow covers.  

An easy way to dress up your living space using pillows that you already have!